NO. 18 - the missing World Goal.

In Kunstnerfløjen, we worked in 2022 with the 17 World Goals.

Animals and animal welfare are unfortunately not a world goal.

I see a focus on coexistence between animals and humans as essential for a sustainable world.

That is why I started a series of paintings with the theme of animal welfare.

But how do you express the focus on animal welfare in a positive way?

My solution is to give the animals wings and thus immediate FREEDOM and CHOICE.

This has initially resulted in 12 finished paintings and 7 in progress of endangered animals and domestic animals.

I myself have been surprised by the results.
Of the power, sublimity and dignity the animals have each come to radiate.

It has occurred to me that we need to see and talk about this. Animals, put in a different context.

Man has reduced the natural habitats of most animal species to almost nothing. Other species are mistreated as a consumer goods under terrible conditions.

The World Goals are about stopping and finding new sustainable ways of doing everything, in order to secure a future for us on this planet.

A future conditioned by coexistence with nature and circular connections.

Because what would this world be without animals?

That is why I have chosen to call this series

NO. 18 - the missing World Goal.


SAINT LOCUS - Manifestation Sculptures

I want to make art that matter and which has a purpose.
The greatest purpose to me, is to offer more joy, love and clarity to the people.

I have been inspired by a zenbuddhist tradition which is made in japanees temples every year, called Daruma dolls after the famous zen-master Bodhidharma.

It is a goal setting ritual for the year to come and aims to direct all your energy into one focus.

This is why my sculptures has One eye. For One Focus and Direction.

I love words. Give my an etymology dictionary and I am lost for hours.

Stlocus is the original word for Locus which means :
“a thing or place that is of greatest importance to an activity or interest” and “the location, internal or external, of the perceived cause of a success or failure”.

St. is short fore Saint.
The Cambridge dictionary describes a Saint as a very good, kind person.

Which in my optic seems to be the best goal to shrive for.

So therefore Saint Locus.

Which seams to fit perfectly for these sculptures.

I am a nerd and loving it.

This is an invitation to write down your yearly manifest and place it inside the sculpture.

Then make this sculpture a focal point in your home for honoring your highest aspirations and your commitments to your self.

To make every year the best and to become the best version of your self.


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