My Art

For me, creating art is like a dance or a meditation. I experience it as being part of a process that often feels like it reaches beyond me. I am absolutely in the moment or the flow, when I am creating.

I have always been interested in making a positive difference to the world.
It means a lot to me that my art has content and that I create works that bring joy and profit. It has always been important to me that in this world that is jam-packed with things, I don't just create for the sake of creating, but that I create something meaningful that contributes positively to this world. Not just for me, but for those who buy my art.

In my 20s I therefore took a break from art to find my own core essence and traveled around most of the world. But even though it was a journey out, it was also very much a journey home within myself and to an inner focus on what makes me who I am.

When I came back, it was the presence, nature and the social criticism that came to be expressed, always with lots of colour, light, humor and joy. And that still applies.
I am still concerned with how we create a better world and each one a positive participant in a larger context, seeking harmony in lifestyle, with each other and with nature. I hope you can see that in my art.

I therefore spend a lot of time thinking about what content and message I want to convey. In the actual creation of a work, motif, surfaces and colors must also speak together in a harmony that is noticeable.

I feel it very physically when the elements of an art piece falls into place and it merges into a higher unity, and in that moment the work is finished.

The time frame can be very different. Sometimes it's just there right away, other times it takes a long time and a lot of staring.

Every time I sell a work, I am deeply grateful and humbled to spread energy, colors and joy in people's homes.

About me

I am 46 years old and after 25 years in Copenhagen, I just moved to the beautiful Odsherred with my dog Rosa.

I have always been very creative in expression and my thinking and interested in colors, how they can change and affect the mood and how color can create light.
After working with many different media, painting, sculptures and original graphics have become my favorites, each of which speaks to sides of me.

Painting has the immediate, graphics the laboratory feel and ceramic sculptures the tactile. Each medium has been developed over many years to the expressions you see now in my art pieces.

It has been an amazing journey to where I am today. Because I also see my art as a reflection of the person I am and I can see that all the studies I have undertaken have been pieces of the puzzle gathered in my new works.

The future looks immeasurably bright and I am excited for all the good things to come.

For you

THANK YOU for finding your way to my colorful universe.

All the best Rohhna Barkwald